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It’s Monday and it’s time to party.


It’s Monday and it’s time to party.

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This article is great because that author tried to put in as many dick jokes that he possibly could.

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Photos of Patrick Stewart doing things.

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therealkatiewest, I’m pretty sure this is relevant to your interests. 

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how do french cats talk to eachother?

they chat


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London Comic Con October 2013

Hot fucking DAMN Assassins from all over the world and a shitton of different time periods?!

Rifle Assassin in the third gif could get it so hard.

I love seeing this every time it comes around. This many unique stiles that are all very clearly along the same line, without being obvious, and fitting gorgeously to the time period and places they’re from… Mmm! <3 Costume porn indeed!

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Daenerys  by Sam Spratt / Tumblr / Store

16” X 24” Archival print edition, S/N limited timed edition release. Only available from September 2nd 12pm EST, until 3pm EST September 16th, 2014, HERE.  

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